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Case Study – Lean on Keyhouse

In July 2020 and supported by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Lean for Microbusiness Programme, the firm engaged Keyhouse to work with them on a business process improvement drive to improve efficiencies in the delivery of their conveyancing services and so provide clients with a more efficient and value-added service. Joe Thomas and Anna O’Reilly headed up the project and they were drawn to the Lean principle as it emphasises continuous improvement by creating a more efficient workplace, while enhancing value for clients. Keyhouse worked with the firm to introduce lean principles, focussing on improving processes in the delivery of residential sale conveyances by optimising the use of the Keyhouse Case Management System. Keyhouse and a team from the firm collaborated to identify issues and potential improvement areas. We then provided the relevant support in terms of advice and tailored training so that the necessary changes could be made. The focus here was to ensure the firm’s team had the capability and capacity to make these changes for this specific project and on an ongoing basis.

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