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O’Reilly Thomas LLP Solicitors work with their clients guiding them through the conveyancing process. We understand that buying or selling a home can be both an exciting and anxious time whether you’re a first time buyer or moving up the property ladder. We have many years experience of helping people purchase and sell their homes. We provide the expertise on the legal matters such as title, planning and mortgages. 

Family Viewing House

We will explain the process to you so you better understand every step in the process. We will also guide you with useful advice on the more practical aspects of the transaction such as deciding on closing dates, confirming what contents are included and assisting you with arrangements on the day your sale or purchase closes.

These are some of the conveyancing services we will be happy to assist you with::

  • House Purchases/Sales.

  • Transfer to Joint Names/ to Children.

  • Remortgages.

  • Site Purchases & Transfers.

  • Purchase of Ground Rents.

  • Registering Rights of Way.

  • Advice on Mortgage Arrears and the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process.

  • Advice on Management

  • Companies & the Multi-Unit Development (MUD) Act.

  • Residential Lettings

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